Frequently asked questions

With FUTTBOT you can easily make up to 100,000 Coins per day or more with virtually NO effort whatsoever. Our autobuyer does all the trading and bidding for you so you can just play the game or take a nap.

FUTTBOT works on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Chromebook, Android, iOS and on all of your favourite browsers, which means you can simply download and install FUTTBOT.
FUTTBOT is fully compatible with the official FUT web-app for PS5, PS4, XBOX One X, XBOX One, XBOX360, PS3, PC.

YES! All of the data is encrypted to ensure that your data is safe and private. We believe that privacy is extremely important to all end-users. Besides that, FUTTBOT can’t see your username or any other account details. FUTTBOT loads after you have logged-in and fully loaded the web-app, so it can only interact with the transfer market. 

Yes! Our early beta users are building out their dream teams and banking millions of coins each month while FUTTBOT is doing all the work for them.

NO! FUTTBOT also comes with guides so that anyone, even someone who has never done any trades in FUT before, will be able to make this work.

FUTTBOT can’t be detected by FIFA, but this does not mean it won’t be able to cause some problems. There is always a risk!

Autobuyers and bots are not respecting all the rules of the game, and thus always come with an added risk. Punishment can be as mild as a Temporary Soft Ban, getting your Marketplace access suspended on the Web App while you’re still able to trade using your console – and occasionally as severe that your account is fully banned from the game.
We highly recommend using a secondary account with any bots, thus keeping your main account safe. The risk increases with the intensity you use the app – moderate your settings to keep earning longer. 

EA might (soft) ban from using transfer market in web app for using this tool. Continuously soft ban might lead to permanent ban as well. Also use of tools like this to gain advantage over other players is not ethically right.

Use this tool at your own risk, futtbot or our developers won’t be held responsible if your account gets banned.


If you want to make more than 100,000 coins a day, we highly recommend that! Some of our users use their second account to automatically buy and sell players using FUTTBOT while they play on their main account. This is to also protect their main account in an unlikely event that their account gets banned.

Botting accounts will always come with a certain risk factor, that’s no secret. EA has stepped up their game in detecting botters lately. Keep your main account safe by using a secondary account to bot with and be aware that the higher the settings, the more you push the bot, the more visible you are to being caught. We are constantly updating and keeping up with the latest FIFA updates so you have less to worry about and enjoy more earnings.

Based on our Terms of Service we can’t give refunds for something we’re not in control of. You pay for a license to use the software and we give you full control over the settings of the bot. If you abuse them and get caught you might have to suffer the consequences. You can stop your subscription and we can grant you the days you couldn’t use once you have a new account to trade with.

Keep in mind that futtbot is a digital/virtual downloadable product and cannot be refunded because of this.

Yes! This is very easy and you can follow the uninstallation tutorial in the guide.

Our expert traders and support team are always on standby waiting to provide you with the answers to any questions you may have in regards to FUTTBOT, trading and earning coins. Plus our customer support is top-notch and will work with you to get anything resolved.

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