FUTTBOT Changelog

FUTTBOT v2.4.2 (24 November 2022)

  • Added Select/DeSelect All option
  • Added Show Only Bargain
  • Bug fix – Untradeable Select Option
  • Bug fix – Incorrectable Displaying Select Option for Bidding Lost Items
  • Freeze fix on some browsers
  • Added option to disable Player Alternate Position
  • Added Confirm pop to send transfer list cards to club
  • Added option to buy concept players from squad screen
  • Fix Sbc Autobuying


FUTTBOT v2.4.1 (1 November 2022)

  • Option to ignore Basic Chemistry Cards
  • Option to quick sell after buying
  • Added additionally notifications
  • Option to Send Unassigned To Transfer List
  • Removed Scan Club for Sbcs For now
  • All Items Will be Autoselected by Default
  • Search Results will automatically select the lowest bin card
  • Calc Min BIN Updated to work with Non Players
  • Calc Min BIN will now show additional Info
  • Added Option To Increase Search Result Count From 20 to 50
  • Added Confirmation for List Futbin/Futwiz
  • Added Confirmation For Section List Futbin/Futwiz
  • Fix Items not sorted in expire time
  • Fix Notifications
  • Fix Timer Elapsed not stopping the bot


FUTTBOT v2.4 (18 October 2022)

  • Fix Club Search

  • Fix Download Csv On Mobile

  • Scan club for sbc solutions
  • Fix Foundation Sbcs
  • Fix Sbc Club Scanning
  • Fix AutoBuy Min
  • Fix Max Purchases Per Second Default Value
  • Fix AutoBuy Compare Prices


FUTTBOT v2.3.8 (11 October 2022)

  • Added Buy/Bid for Futwiz

  • Added Warning when more than 15 searches are performed in a minute.

  • Fixed bot not bidding/ not selling when stopped in between

  • Added back Max Purchases Per Search


FUTTBOT v2.3.7 (10 October 2022)

  • Added List For, for Auto Opening Packs

  • Fix FUTWIZ icon prices

  • Option to select players
  • Fix Compare Prices
  • Added Potential Log/Profit Based on FutBin/FutWiz Price
  • Added AutoBuy Lowest In Enhancer Settings
  • Added Custom Name Option For Webhooks
  • Option to disable listing notification


FUTTBOT v2.3.6 (4 October 2022)

  • Added Futwiz prices

  • Removed sbc fix

  • Added View on FutBin/Futwiz on Transfer Resuts

  • Added FutBin price for Position Modifies

  • Added option to Auto Snipe Lowest Card on Results Page

  • Added option to Auto Open Packs with FIFA Points

  • Added Page Jumper for Transfer Search

  • Added Auto Open Packs Validation to avoid sending request to EA server when there are items in UnAssigned Pile or when user have lesser coins/points than Packs Value.

  • Fixed Infinite Loading when Auto Open Pack Fails

  • Fixed FUTBIN prices not showing on some devices

  • Remove WatchList Size Override – Not compatible with FIFA 23

  • Added Discord Webhook

  • Added Notification For Selling


FUTTBOT v2.3.5 (30 September 2022)

  • Added Option To Disable Pack Animations

  • Futbin Price fix

  • Multiple bidding fix 

  • Fix discord notifications

  • Added card expiry to logs

  • Added Default filter for beginner’s to get used to futtbot


FUTTBOT v2.3.4 (27 September 2022)

  • Fix futtbot stopping randomly sometimes

  • Removed Max Purchase from settings.

  • Added refresh button for coins

  • Fixes transfer list / watchlist visual glitch


FUTTBOT v2.3.3 (25 September 2022)

  • Fix for items won via bidding not listed

  • Fix for futbin bid price


FUTTBOT v2.3.2 (25 September 2022)

  • Fixes for Sbc’s

  • Improvements for futbin prices


FUTTBOT v2.3.1 (23 September 2022)

  • FUTBIN Price Fix For Xbox

  • Fix for some users missing FUTTBOT Tab

  • Update Discord Notification to user webhooks instead of bot token

  • Added Enhancer Option to override Active Listing Limit to 100

  • This update might clear all the saved filters/ enhancer setting for web users. Make sure to update the Enhancer setting and the FUTTBOT Filter Settings, if it gets cleared.


FUTTBOT v2.3 (22 September 2022)

  • Fixes for the new Fifa 23 ultimate team web-app


FUTTBOT v2.2 (17 September 2022)

  • Bug fix for SBCs, cards are sliding down and covering the chemistry ratings of the player so it is not possible to see the chemistry of the player in that position.
  • Positions/ Chemistry Styles – Fut Bin Price
  • Bug fix for adding players in sbc
  • Addded List of FUTBIN SBC solutions on SBC Page
  • Added List for Fixed Price
  • Minor Code Refactoring
  • Fix for highlighting FUTBIN based bargains
  • Options to override, Untradable and Watch List Items Count
  • Added start price when listing for fixed price
  • Fix download csv for phones
  • Added translation support for Arabic, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • Option to send bulk Club players to Transfer List
  • Add setting to toggle Calculate Min Bin
  • FUTBIN sale percentage can take range value
  • Discord notification fix
  • Bug fix which prevents bot from stopping when paused
  • Simplified logging
  • Mobile Bug fix which prevents bot from stopping when paused
  • Added sell queue to avoid buying and selling at same time
  • Fix rebidding, when running without a filter
  • Fix for switching tabs while running
  • Fix logs not updating sometimes
  • Added Price in the Logs
  • Added Autobuyer Filter In Normal Transfer Search


FUTTBOT v2.1.9 (17 April 2022)

  • SBC Autofill – 80+
  • Player/ Manager contract search filter update
  • Bug fix for sbc card not showing chemistry because of the added price 
  • Positions/ Chemistry Styles – Futbin Price


FUTTBOT v2.1.8 (11 April 2022)

  • SBC Autofill – special card fix
  • SBC infinite loading fix
  • FUTBIN sale percentage can take range value
  • Discord notification fix
  • Bug fix which prevents bot from stopping when paused


FUTTBOT v2.1.7 (9 April 2022)

  • Bugfix for crashing/hanging when inputting wrong sbc id
  • Slight Performance tuning for Auto fill sbc
  • FUTBIN price in sbc/ squad page
  • Fixed can’t stop futtbot when in paused state
  • Other small bug fixes

FUTTBOT v2.1.6 (3 January 2022)

  • Added FUTTBOT login screen
  • Performance fix for Auto fill sbc
  • Position fix SBC for most formations – #58
  • Auto Pack Opening – #45
  • Bug fix for – #56
  • Option to sort results by expireson – #595
  • Profit logs per transaction – #634
  • Win/Loss count in mobile app – #596
  • Bug fix for – #636


FUTTBOT v2.1.5 (18 December 2021)

  • Fix for the latest ea fifa web-app update
  • Fix for uptime clock
  • Option to bypass softban (use at own risk)


FUTTBOT v2.1.4.1 beta (17 December 2021)

  • Fix for the latest ea fifa web-app update
  • Beta version, trade enhancer and some other features don’t work yet. 


FUTTBOT v2.1.4 (21 November 2021)

  • Change to preserve last filled futbin squad price – #46
  • Card type in Download club csv – #43
  • Rating setting will now take range value – (ex . 85-90) – #41
  • Added Option to download session stats – #549
  • Check before list will now take 5% tax into account – #553
  • Fix for Relist unsold bug – #572
  • Discord Commands Enhancements – #555
    – From Discord – “runfilter-filterName” , will make bot to switch to the respective filter
  • Option to sort search results
  • Added timer to indicate, how long the bot is running

FUTTBOT v2.1.3 (14 November 2021)

  • Bug fix when autobuying special sbc cards – #42
  • Option to Search From Min Buy – #37
  • Futbin BID option – #534
  • Items Not Selling Fix – #531
  • Keep won card in Unassigned Pile – #514
  • Option to Auto Resume if bot is stopped because of error count – #515
  • Discord notification fix

FUTTBOT v2.1.2 (7 November 2021)

  • Pause Interval And Stop After Takes Range Value Now
  • Futbin buy price will not bidding not items (only Buy) – #512

FUTTBOT v2.1.1 (6 November 2021)

  • Some settings are not properly saved bugfix
  •  Time Elapsed issue after one search bugfix

FUTTBOT v2.1.0 (6 November 2021)

  • Option to buy for Futbin price – #329
  • Enhance Rating Setting will now work on AutoBuyer – #504
  • Option to stop clearing expired Transfer Targets – #451
  • Option to toggle the players list to either allow or ignore in search settings
  • Except Buy/Bid Settings, Sell Settings And Search Settings, all other settings are shared across filters, so updating in one filter will automatically updates these settings in all filters
  • Added option to buy missing SBC players

FUTTBOT v2.0.9 (3 November 2021)

  • Added option to buy missing SBC players
  • Added option to Download/Upload Filters
  • Added option to Download Club as CSV
  • Option to Hide Transfer List Full Popup – #38
  • Added Futbin Price in Club CSV – #36
  • Minor Bug fixes

FUTTBOT v2.0.8 (24 October 2021)

  • Remove check to stop bot when transfer list is full
  • Small bug fixes

FUTTBOT v2.0.7 (23 October 2021)

  • Minor UI Alignment Fix
  • Autostop when transfer list is full
  • Reason for bot stop will now be printed in the logs
  • Toggle to run filters sequentially
  • List of playersto be ignored when bidding/buying under Search Settings
  • Bot wont search when buy/bid price is not given
  • List duration can be specified now under Sell Settings

FUTTBOT v2.0.6 (16 October 2021)

  • Setting to specify Futbin list duration – #30
  • Relist Button For Unassigned Items – #31
  • Bugfix for listing
  • Sbc autofill for android
  • Toggle to show only Bargains in searches
  • Download/Upload filters locally – #432
  • Bug fix to start/stop bot from discord
  • Visualize indication to show if there are any errors in the setting fields
  • Multifilter bug Fix – #437
  • Option to sell only if Futbin price is greater than sell rice – #412

FUTTBOT v2.0.5 (13 October 2021)

  • Required file security error
  • Improved performance on android and pc

FUTTBOT v2.0.4 (9 October 2021)

  • AutoClear Bid Expired Item – #405
  • Prevent autostopping bot after just one search fail – #410
  • Setting to specify max page number bot shold scan while bid/buying – #408
  • Fix sale price if the futbin price percent is not valid within the price limit for the card – #422
  • Setting to specify the number of results required in a page for bot to bid/buy
  • QuickPanel View On Futbin added – #21
  • Dedicated settings page from Enhancer – #23
  • Total FUTBIN and BIN value added – #12
  • List for FUTBIN added on watchlist
  • Filter players by Rating

FUTTBOT v2.0.3 (4 October 2021)

  • QuickPanel View ListFor Futbin added
  • When listing for FUTBIN percentage can now be specified
  • Bug fix for won bid items not listing for sale.
  • Upload and download filters
  • Error Code Description Added
  • Scan more than one page

FUTTBOT v2.0.2 (29 September 2021)

  • Bargain now will consider the 5% EA tax from futbin price – #16
  • FUTBIN Price bug fix on Transfer List / Club Member – #14
  • FUTBIN price for Pack Preview Player – #13
  • Bug Fixes For Multifilter issues -> #367 #366 #353
  • Added Statitics Viewer -> #347
  • UI changes for Legacy view -> #352
  • Enhance buy fixes for FUTBIN prices -> #354

FUTTBOT v2.0.1 (27 September 2021)

  • SBC Autofill bug fix
  • Reduced calls to FUTBIN to avoid Futbin ban
  • Fixed Logging Issue where players info where not logged
  • Fixed Bug in multiple filters switching
  • Added option to toggle between old and new UI
  • Added Bid won items list for FUTBIN price
  • Made labels of each field as a link, click on fields will now redirect to doc which specifies the importance of that field
  • Bug Fixes for #331 #334 #333 #330 #338
  • Added multifilter support

FUTTBOT v2.0 (26 September 2021)

Delete the old/existing Autobuyer script before installing this version to avoid any version clashes!!

  • Refactored to code to make the script more extensible and make easier for other developers
  • Redesigned UI slightly to make it mobile friendly
  •  Added FUTBIN Price for selling sniped cards
  • Added Rating Threshold for selling sniped cards
  • Fixed issue with wait time
  • Implement Filter Save And Load
  • Implement Sound for CardWon and Captch Trigger
  • Added support for FIFA 22
  • Minor Bug Fixes

FUTTBOT v1.1.3 (7 August 2021)

  • Added extra Support for Mobile devices

  • Updated Readme to install the script on mobile

FUTTBOT v1.1.2 (25 July 2021)

  • Fixed Issue with Sound Notification
  • Added Support For Discord Notification
  • Now FUTTBot can be started and stopped from Discord
  • Added Auto Log Clear Option

FUTTBOT v1.1.1 (21 February 2021)

  • Changes to Fix the latest Web App Update Issues

FUTTBOT v1.1.0 (19 February 2021)

  • Changes to Fix the latest Web App Update Issues

FUTTBOT v1.0.9 (14 January 2021)

  • Bug fix when saving wait time
  • Changed Logger Background
  • Dynamically Generating HTML element IDs to prevent EA detection
  • Add support for AntiCaptcha – to enable to captcha solved

FUTTBOT v1.0.8 (13 December 2020)

  • Random Bid Bug Fix.
  • Visual issue fix when updating existing filter.
  • Defaulting filter name to ease update filter flow.
  • Calculate Buy Price added to calculate the min buy price for the given search criteria.

FUTTBOT v1.0.7 (10 December 2020)

  • Made change to Pause For field to take Range Input.
  • Added field to take number of searches before switching in multi filters mode.
  • Reverted Auto Clear Log.
  • Added field to take list of error codes to stop bot.

FUTTBOT v1.0.6 (9 December 2020)

  • Ability to Delete Filter.
  • Bug fix to reset Random Min Bid, when clearing or switching filters.
  • Added toggle to introduce delay between each buy request.
  • Auto Clear Log Every 20 Request.

FUTTBOT v1.0.5 (5 December 2020)

  • Made changes to save search criteria when saving filter.
  • Added Ability to Run Multiple Filters.
  • Added Notification to show Bot Resumed when pause time is given.
  • Bug fix to prevent selling user watched items

FUTTBOT v1.0.4 (2 December 2020)

  • Added fix for FIFA web app latest update

FUTTBOT v1.0.3 (10 November 2020)

  • Bug Fix For Notification Toggle
  • Added Test Notification Button to check if notification is properly configured

FUTTBOT v1.0.2 (6 November 2020)

  • Saving / Loading AB Settings.
  • Added PinEvents to emulate navigation actions
  • Minor Code Cleanup’s

FUTTBOT v1.0.1 (3 November 2020)

  • GUI update to add Telegram Bot Details.
  • GUI update to disable sound notification.
  • Send Player to Club if sell price is not given.

FUTTBOT v1.0 (31 October 2020)

  • Merged both Menu And Core into single js to ease installation process
  • Fine updates to logging
  • Audio Notifications for won cards and captcha.
  • Added Field to add delay between each bid/ buy request.
  • Added Option to close web App on captcha trigger.
  • Added Option to save the AB Settings.
  • Minor Bug fix to Pause and Resume Functionality.
  • Bug Fix to generate a valid random price
  • Reset will now clear the AB Settings.

FUTTBOT v0.9 (15 October 2020)

  • Auto Increase Min Bid / Buy to refresh results, Exact Bid Flag, Stop After Count Of Cards Bought, Improved Logging.

FUTTBOT v0.8 (9 October 2020)

  • Added Clear Log And Expires In , Removed Concurrent Request Field

FUTTBOT v0.7 (4 October 2020)

  • Added Paged Search, Bidding on OutBidded Items, Auto List of Expired Items & Auto Pause

FUTTBOT v0.6 (1 October 2020)

  • No Major Update, just added Log to find why bidding failed

FUTTBOT v0.5 (28 September 2020)

  • Fixed wait time and revert cache result fix, for now we have to settle with getting cache results every now and then.

FUTTBOT v0.4 (26 September 2020)

  • Added support for concurrent search , auto stop and caching items bug fix.

FUTTBOT v0.3 (24 September 2020)

  • Removed manually delay between searches . Now its up to user to given proper wait time to reduce the chance of ban

FUTTBOT v0.2 (18 September 2020)

  • Added Auto Bid & support from different language

FUTTBOT v0.1 (15 September 2020)

  • Added support for different regions

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